LawMate AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder


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LawMate AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder

The  AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder by Lawmate™ looks like an automotive  alarm remote but is really a super sensitive audio recorder capable of  recording up to 15 hours on a single charge. Use your PC to charge the unit and download recorded files. The Ar-100 also comes with headphones so you can listen to playback on the unit without having to download! Vibration feedback lets you operate this audio device from your pocket without looking at the indicator lights.

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  • Covert Audio Recorder in Keyfob Design
  • Voice Activated Audio Recorder
  • Innovated voice activated and continuous recording
  • Convenient playback functionality
  • Built-in AGC MIC, used in conference room
  • Keyfob design for covert mission
  • Vibration alert
  • LED status signal
  • Long hours of recording time and battery life
  • MP3 file format
  • Instant audio file playback and deletion
  • Act as MP3 player
  • Built-in 2GB storage, custom-made 8GB
  • Micro-USB connection


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