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HD2Pen Camera 2k Video Pen

  • Resolution: Ultra 2K / 1080P / 720P
  • Frame Rate: 60fps / 30fps
  • Format: MOV / H.264
  • Recording Modes: Continuous / Motion / Audio Only
  • Memory Size: 64GB Memory
  • Power Source: 380mAH Battery / Outlet
  • Battery Life (Motion): 1.5hr
  • Battery Life (Continuous): 1hr
  • Wifi / App: No
  • Remote View IP: No
  • Audio: Yes
  • Night Vision: No
  • Loop Recording: Yes
  • Time/Date Stamp: Yes
  • Weight / Dimensions: 48g / 6”
  • Compatibility: MAC / Windows

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The HD2 has a 64GB memory capacity and records at an incredible 2K resolution making it one of the most advanced, professional grade camera pens on the market. It can also record in HD 1080P and 720P modes. Enjoy fast action fluid motion videos at up to 60fps in 720P mode. Display the time/date on your videos so you know when each one took place. Apply a custom name/label that displays on your videos making it perfect for law enforcement or agency use.

Record in motion activation, continuously, or in audio only modes. While in motion activation, the HD2 will automatically start loop recording over the oldest video files. The wider angle lens captures more within the video frame, making it a much more effective surveillance tool for professionals. In photo mode you can discreetly capture photos with a click of a button.

The HD2 can run off of the internal battery or it can record while plugged in. You can run the included USB cable to the HD2 to power it continuously. Put it in motion activation and plug it in for a 24/7 surveillance solution!


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