LawMate CM-EP10 Earphone Camera


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LawMate CM-EP10 Earphone Camera

Law Enforcement Grade Earphones with High Resolution Low Light Hidden Video Recording

This amazing micro-sized earphone-type law enforcement grade wired covert video camera is built from the ground up for covert video applications by LawMate! LawMate brand means high grade! With a high resolution camera and low power consumption, this covert camera works great with the PV-500Lite 3 and 4, PV500EVO (Touch Screen Technology) , PV-900HD and PV-1000Touch5U. It gives you a highly powerful body-worn covert video surveillance system that you can walk around with. Our  DVRs can be attached to your belt with the belt holder and you appear to be walking around minding your own business listening to music but what you are really doing to covertly recording video evidence.

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  • High Resolution
  • Camera Powered By Lawmate Pocket DVRs
  • Low Light Recording
  • Covert! You Appear To Be Minding Your Own Business Listening To Music
  • LawMate Brand Means Law Enforcement Grade!
  • If You Use Another DVR Other Than Lawmate Grade, A Battery Box Is Included
  • Camera Hole So Small, You Can Not See If Even When Someone Standing Right Next To You!


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