FD10 16 Hour Flash Drive Audio Recorder


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FD10 16 Hour Flash Drive Audio Recorder

  • No Buttons or Confusing Lights
    Very sleek and professional design, featuring a slim body style, and simple controls.
  • CD Quality 192KBPS Recording
    Files are recorded in WAV format and can be played back in any audio program including iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • INCREDIBLE 16 Hour Battery
    This can record for 16 hours on a full charge. Plug it into any USB port to charge the built-in battery.
  • 8GB Memory
    Hold up to 90 hours of audio recordings or use as a USB storage device.
  • Time/Date Stamp (Windows Only)
    Stamp your recording with the time/date so you know when a recording took place.
  • MAC & Windows
    Works on any MAC or Windows computer.

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The FD10 voice recording usb drive comes in an 8GB memory size, and also has a built in digital voice recorder that records in **CD QUALITY** (WAV format @ 192kbps)! It has a very cool new design casing with color options. Not only is it very attractive, it also has very high quality audio. Many flash drive recorders, record at an audio bit-rate of 32kbps with only a 4 hour battery, the FD10 records in crisp, clear, CD Quality format at 192kbps and has up to 16 HOUR BATTERY.

Features easy one touch operation, simply slide the small switch on the side to start/stop recording. No software or cables to bother with either, simply plug this into any MAC or PC and transfer the audio files onto your computer. You can also use this to store any type of file you want!

This is a great device for those looking for a discreet and economical recording device.


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